Salford Diocese Event

Celebrating St. Josephine Bakhita’s feast day and promoting the Santa Marta Group Strategic Plan

08 February 2023 Salford
St Bakhita Day Masthead

On February 8, 2023, the Santa Marta Group launched its strategic six-point plan and training programme on the Feast Day of St Josephine Bakhita, which was celebrated by Bishop John Arnold at Salford Cathedral. Attendees included representatives from the police, political leaders, health workers and religious leaders.

In his address to the congregation, Bishop John, highlighted the importance of the moral duty we all have in eradicating human trafficking and modern slavery. Reference was made to the Diocesan Code of Conduct for Suppliers by Bishop John who explained that "The code makes clear that all businesses, charities, and organisations have a responsibility to act in the fight against modern slavery. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers represents efforts to purchase, services and works that avoid exploitative labour practice, have the least negative impact on the environment and uphold the principle of human dignity. We expect suppliers not only to share our aspirations but to be taking active steps to check and audit their supply chains and their working practices.

The code will be initially rolled out across our central suppliers and then we will be working with parishes to assist with the roll out more locally".

Following the mass, guests attended an event that was held in the diocese. In a presentation by Kevin Hyland, the Global Strategy Director of the Santa Marta Group shared the six-point strategic plan and outlined how this plan will assist with eradicating human trafficking and modern slavery. In particular, the plan will focus on working with Governments and businesses to ensure supply chains are slave-free. In a speech by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Deputy Mayor, Kate Green, outlined, "This struggle against human trafficking and modern slavery is a moral imperative and I thank the Santa Marta Group for its leadership.

The Santa Marta Group welcomes the initiative by the Greater Manchester area by introducing robust mechanisms to ensure their supply chains are free from slavery.

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