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Pope Francis hold's a survivor's hands

As a charity we rely on the kindness and generosity of donors to fund Santa Marta Group’s important work in combating human trafficking. With 50 million people trafficked and in modern slavery across the world and the number of victims of this horrendous crime increasing every day, your support is more essential than ever.

It is our belief that no one should be enslaved in today’s world and victims of human trafficking need care and long-term support to enable reintegration into society. However, it is only by addressing the causes of human trafficking that transformational change can be achieved and the number of victims reduced. Santa Marta Group seeks to change the existing paradigm that allows millions of vulnerable people to fall into the hands of ruthless criminal gangs so that human trafficking is taken seriously by leaders and decision makers in government, law enforcement, business and across civil society.

By creating partnerships between decision makers based on trust, this necessary change can be achieved. This process to encourage prevention, reduce demand and increase victim identification requires time, dedicated effort and resource.

From the United Nations to local communities, we all have a part to play. If you are interested in supporting Santa Marta Group financially, learning more about our work and what you can do to help in the move to abolish slavery, please get in touch.

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For US donors, we are currently setting up a 501(c)(3) – in the meantime please contact us directly.

David Ryall, Santa Marta Group director