Sir Iain Livingstone joins Santa Marta Group as Trustee

Iain Livingstone

Sir Iain Livingstone QPM, Former Chief Constable of Police Scotland, is to join the Santa Marta Group as a trustee, joining Cardinal Nichols, Yasmin Waljee, Russell Walters, Donna Edwards, and Bishop William Kenney on the Board.

Sir Iain has been heavily involved in the Santa Marta Group since its inception in 2014, when he was one of the founding signatories of the Santa Marta Group agreement, joining 25 police chiefs in committing to prioritising the struggle against human trafficking and to working with SMG. Last year Sir Iain co-hosted an anti-trafficking summit with SMG president Cardinal Nichols at the Scottish Crime Campus in Gartcosh. On October 20, at the Diplomatic Conference co-hosted by SMG and the Romanian Consulate in London, Sir Iain shared his experiences in policing and the importance of international and cross-sector collaboration to tackle human trafficking and modern slavery due to the global and pervasive nature of the crime.

Sir Iain was also recently asked to take over as Officer in Overall Command of the independent probe examining Northern Ireland Troubles-era offences, Operation Kenova.

Sir Iain Livingstone said: “We need to have international relationships, we need to have capability in the private space, we need to have capability in the virtual space, and we need to have an enforcement capability, and a preventative and educational capability. We need to look to where the threats are coming from. We need to take the lead, we need to work collaboratively, and I think the power of Santa Marta, the Church, the networks that it has, the power of the international diplomatic corps, and the power of international policing is something that unified can really make a difference, and I am deeply privileged and deeply honoured to be part of the Santa Marta family.”

Cardinal Nichols, Santa Marta Group president, said: “I am delighted that Sir Iain Livingstone is joining the Santa Marta Group as a trustee. He will bring his experience, drive, and enthusiasm to the Board as we continue to develop our work to eradicate human trafficking and modern slavery. Partnerships based on trust are at the heart of our work and Sir Iain embodies those values.”