SMG Strategy Director Criticises the Irish Government's Proposed Human Trafficking Legislation

Kevin Hyland article

Santa Marta's Global Strategy Director, Kevin Hyland, criticises the Irish government's proposed legislation, due to its lack of a range of protections for victims.

Mr. Hyland considers the wording of the proposed legislation "archaic", as victims would have to make an application to be recognised as a human trafficking victim.

He states: "These victims who are marginalised, find it challenging to enter into systems. Can you imagine if you or I went into a garda station to record that we’d been robbed, or our house had been broken into, and they said ‘you can make an application to be considered'. Then it gets referred to an operational committee, and we’ll get back to you and let you know whether we believe you or not."

This would create an additional hoop victims would have to jump through to receive the necessary help they require.

Additionally, the bill omits the non-punishment principle, which, as Mr. Hyland points out, is required by the Council of Europe and the EU Directive".

Without the non-punishment principle, victims may fear coming forward, as they would worry about being "punished for offences that are linked to their trafficking", Mr. Hyland explains.

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