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International Institutions

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Ensuring all international institutions use their platforms to fight human trafficking and promote human dignity.

Whilst there are many international commitments, these need to be implemented. The International Criminal Court (ICC), the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), World Health Organisation and UN Peacekeeping are all agencies which could play a more active role in preventing or responding to human trafficking and modern slavery. In addition, OCHA and UN Peacekeepers resources are likely to encounter human trafficking and modern slavery in some of the most vulnerable and fragile situations and are well placed to respond.

To do this, the Santa Marta Group will:

  • Work with partners at the UN in New York and Geneva to influence inclusion of human trafficking and modern slavery in humanitarian and peacekeeping deployments.
  • Establish a relationship with the judiciary at the ECtHR and the ICC to encourage greater understanding and interest in allocating resources and priority to cases of human trafficking and modern slavery.
  • Encourage OCHA and donors of the importance of integrating human trafficking and modern slavery awareness into humanitarian crises responses. This should include how to share intelligence and how to provide support to potential victims.
  • Evidence has shown that a large percentage of victims of human trafficking and modern slavery have sought medical assistance either whilst trafficked or when they escape. The Santa Marta Group will engage with the healthcare sector and professional bodies who can play a major role in prevention, identification and intelligence gathering.

How will we know if it is working:

  • The ICC would begin an investigation into human trafficking and modern slavery.
  • Rulings of the ECtHR would increase and achieve greater public awareness and requirements of states.
  • A systemic approach to human trafficking and modern slavery awareness, including predeployment training for Peacekeepers, would be adopted by UNPKO.
  • UN Humanitarian Agencies would include human trafficking and modern slavery as a risk factor in every deployment and response.
  • The World Health Organisation would produce a policy and guidance to national healthcare providers.
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